ScooterRack for parking scooters, skateboards and bicycles

ScooterRacks123 is a Danish company that manufactures storage racks and parking systems specifically designed for scooters, skateboards and waveboards. Our units are also used to park longboards and bicycles and can be found across the country at playgrounds, schools, libraries, shopping malls, just to mention a few. Our racks are custom designed for any type of parking situation you require. A Scooterrack for example, for your scooters or skateboards will create order, using less space for storage or parking and it will reduce the risk of theft.

A Scooterrack comes in many different models and types which are designed according to customer requirements. Our parking racks are designed with surface-treated steel in all RAL colors as well as galvanized and fit perfectly into today's playgrounds.

Parking benefits by using our Scooterracks

When storing or parking many scooters or skateboards the space quickly becomes a big mess, bulky and looks uninviting. Hence the need for a scooter rack, especially at schools and institutions where there is often a need for parking by many different means of transport. 

We have already installed scooter racks at many schools, nurseries and playgrounds throughout Denmark and we also design solutions for housing associations, libraries, sports centers and shopping malls that want to have better parking facilities for special transport. Besides scooter racks, we also design special solutions for securing and parking pushchairs, wheelchairs, electric scooters and bicycles.

Get a custom solution for your needs

Whatever your needs, we are always ready to come out and design the right scooter rack that fits your needs and desires. We specialize in designing scooter racks in playgrounds, schools and other institutions and have installed many near Frederiksberg, around Copenhagen, but we also deliver solutions and custom-fit designs all over the country and the rest of Europe. We are also available to provide you with solutions for other types of parking, such as the design and installation of bicycle racks.

You can contact Claus by telephone + 45 28 36 63 02 and Brian + 45 23 41 04 02 or send us an email at We look forward to creating a solution that meets all of your requirements and suits your needs.

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