Seek control and obtain organization of your scooters with a smart scooter stand

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Park your scooter in a convenient and durable scooter rack, and get a better handle on your scooter. Avoid children's scooters lying around in a pile or spread out all over the school yard (which can be a safety hazard) with a space-saving rack for scooters; This solution also ensures against theft and unnecessary wear and tear and helps to create order and an aesthetically pleasing secure environment.

At Scooterracks123 we are experts in designing racks for scooters and can design solutions for any of your needs. Our staff is particularly experienced in personalized solutions, which make children and adults happy. 

Stand for multiple scooters

Particularly at schools and institutions there is the need for storing many scooters, but the solutions are not there. Many establishments have experienced a huge increase in the number of scooters that need to be securely parked – this is where Scotterracks123 comes into the picture. With a custom-made scooters rack or even a standard one, you can secure the scooters against theft and keep order on the grounds.

Moreover, with a scooter stand, children can better keep track of their own scooters, as well as where to find it during breaks and after school. This translates to happier children as well as prolonging the life of the scooters.

Scooters stands at affordable prices

We often cooperate with housing associations, schools and municipalities where we give offers on scooters racks for one low price. We provide installation of scooter racks, and we can also design and produce tailor-made solutions that fit exactly the needs you may have, as well as your budget. Call and let us know what your needs are or what requirements your housing association may have and we will provide a bargain price on scooters racks. 

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Contact us to learn more about our products and parking/storage solutions for scooters racks

We are experts in the production and installation of racks for scooters. With us there is no job that is too big or difficult. Our scooter racks are of Danish design and built in solid materials in the RAL color of your choice. 

In addition to parking solutions for scooters, we also design racks for parking skateboards, wave boards and bicycles or a combination of any one of these together. Please contact us by phone +45 28 36 63 02 / + 45 23 41 04 02 or send us an email at, and let us together design your scooter rack.

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